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Orange Leaf

Orange Leaf

Turunç, whose Latin name is 'Citrus aurantium', is from the citrus family. Its homeland is South East Asia. It grows in Marmara, Aegean, and Mediterranean regions in our country. It is a perennial herb with evergreen white flowers in winter.

Its fragrant fruits attract attention with their resemblance to small oranges. The outer shell is hard and greenish. It turns golden yellow as it matures. Due to its bitter and sour taste, it is used as an alternative to lemon in Aydın and Nazilli regions, in pita bread and salads. Essence is produced from the pleasant smell of fruit peels. It can be used to create wonderful flavors in almost any dessert, ice cream, and cake. Jam and marmalade are made from citrus fruits. It can also be used to remove unwanted odors such as lemon.

From the citrus leaf plant; citrus tea, citrus oil, citrus paste, citrus cologne, citrus extract, citrus tincture, citrus soap, and shampoo are produced.

A specialist should be consulted for therapeutic use.

The life of the dried citrus leaves is 1 year when stored in a closed glass jar in a dim, cool, and dry environment.

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