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It comes from the Greek word for 'bee'. Its homeland is South Africa and the Mediterranean basin. It grows wild in almost every region of our country. It is known for its lush greenery in all four seasons. It is a perennial herb with lemon scent.

Tiny white flowers bloom towards the end of summer. It has a nice scent that gives people a feeling of calmness, lightness, and relaxation. It is also known as mint balm, blue balm, honey plant, sweet balm, lemongrass, Persian grass, and lemon balm. People in ancient times used this fragrant plant as incense. They believed that the lemony scent of incense kept people away from evil and evil eyes.

From the balm plant; Essences such as lemon balm tea, lemon balm oil, lemon balm tincture, lemon balm extract, lemon balm soap, balm shampoo, lemon balm lotion, and cologne are also produced.

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