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Hibiscus, whose Latin name is "Malva Vulgaris", grows almost everywhere in the world except the poles with its nearly 1500 species. It likes seasides, swamps, near rivers and damp environments. It is in the family of hibiscus. This perennial and herbaceous plant is widely grown in almost all parts of Turkey.

It is a plant that has been used by many cultures as a vegetable since ancient Greek and Roman times. Hibiscus, which is appreciated for its unique taste and smell, is added to the mortars of roasted pies and pastries. Its rice dish is famous. A very tasty wrap is made from its large leaves. If desired, the young leaves of the plant can be boiled and eaten with yogurt. Sometimes it can be used to add color and different flavor to salads when raw.

From the hibiscus plant; Hibiscus tea, mallow oil, hibiscus cream, and ointment are produced.

The root, leaves, and flowers of this versatile plant can be collected in the right season and consumed fresh or dried.
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