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Linden Blossom

Linden Blossom

Linden, whose Latin name is 'Tilia Cordata', is from the linden family. Its homeland is the Northern Hemisphere. It grows easily in almost every region of our country. There are many species of the linden tree. The edges of the heart-shaped leaves are toothed and have long stems. In June and July, yellowish flowers with a characteristic odor bloom. It is a perennial herb that sheds its leaves in winter.

Herodotus writes that some civilizations used the linden tree in religious ceremonies. In Greek mythology, it is believed that Philyra, who begged the gods to immortalize her, was transformed into a long-lived linden tree in return for this request. For the ancient Germans and Slavs, the linden tree is a sacred tree. Everyone who was born with a child would definitely plant a linden tree as a destiny tree. The Germans gave a wide place to the linden tree in their tales, stories, and myths. Many villages in Central Europe have linden trees in their center. These linden trees were used as meeting points. It was the center of communication and shopping. Girls in wedding dresses would show themselves by the linden tree. Dance festivals were always held under the linden tree. Since the village courts were established under this tree, it was also called the court linden or the court tree.

From the linden flower plant; Linden flower tea, linden flower oil, linden flower tincture, linden flower paste, linden flower cream, linden flower soap, linden flower shampoo, linden flower vinegar, and incense are produced.

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