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Hops Flower, Herbs (Humulus lupulus ) 40g

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Manufacturer Company: ARİFOĞLU BAHARAT ve GIDA SAN. LTD. STI.

Arifoğlu Hops 40g.

Hops, whose Latin name is 'Humulus lupulus', is from the occipital family. Its homeland is Eurasia and North America. It has been grown in our country since 1965. It has spread over a wide area, especially Bilecik Pazaryeri and Bursa Neighborhood. It is a perennial herb that blooms greenish-white flowers in July and September.
The hop fruit attracts attention with its resemblance to a cone. Cone-shaped, yellowish green or yellowish brown in color. It grows on roadsides, in the shade of bushes and trees. In some regions, it is also known as Beer flower, Mayan grass, Ömer grass.
Since the beginning of the Middle Ages, hops showed a superior development in Bohemia and spread over large areas. The King of Bohemia IV. Charles banned the export of seedlings of the plant to foreign countries with the threat of death penalty. Seedlings, which are the livelihood of the people, were secretly taken to countries such as Yugoslavia, Poland, Ukraine and the USA, with the migration of some farmers, and thus spread to many parts of the world. Hops, which has been cultivated by Bohemian villagers for more than a thousand years, has reached a well-deserved reputation today both for its quality and its unique characteristics.
From the hops plant; hops tea, hops extract, hop soap and cream are produced. It is used in beer production.

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