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Elderberry Blossom

Elderberry Blossom

Elderberry flower, whose Latin name is 'Sambucus nigra L', is from the family of adoxacaea. It grows in Anatolia, Europe, North Africa, and Asia. There are many types. Some species are trees, some species are herbaceous plants. The white flowers at the ends of the branches resemble lace. The scent of these elegant and delicate-looking flowers is also wonderful. The taste is first sweet and then bitter.

Its flowers, fruit, leaves, bark, and root have been used traditionally for centuries. Elderberry jam, made with its unique aroma and scent, is indispensable for some breakfast tables.

From the elderflower plant; elderflower tea, elderflower oil, elderflower syrup, elderflower vinegar, elderflower jam, and elderflower liqueur are produced.

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