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Cinnamon stick

Cinnamon stick

Cinnamon, whose Latin name is 'Cinnamomum Verum', is from the laurel family. It is native to South and Southeast Asia. There are more than 100 species. The most widely known are cassia and Ceylon cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is a more refined and hard-to-find type among these two species whose flavors and odors are very close to each other. It is a perennial herb with an evergreen, aromatic scent.

The dried bark of the cinnamon tree is used. It is one of the oldest spices in human history. It can be easily distinguished from other spice types with its strong smell, sharp and long-lasting effect. Its sweet and burning flavor leaves an unforgettable taste on the palate. It has a considerable reputation among spices with its unique taste. Its fruits are spicy, fragrant, and delicious just like cinnamon bark, and can be used instead of cinnamon bark. It is especially added to milk desserts as a condiment. It is also widely used in chocolate, coffee, and all kinds of fruit sauces to add aromatic flavor to beverages. Cinnamon, which has an important place in world cuisine, can also work wonders in meat dishes such as lamb and tas kebab.

In ancient Egypt, it was used not only to add flavor to drinks and foods but also for mummification. Cinnamon was believed to be more valuable than gold. It was one of the most used herbs in the Middle Ages. Cinnamon has been a symbol of wealth, power, and might. Famous merchant Anton Fugger burned the debt securities of Emperor Karl V with a fire consisting of cinnamon sticks in 1530, believing that he proved his own wealth.

From the cinnamon bark plant; Cinnamon bark tea, cinnamon bark oil, cinnamon bark spirit, cinnamon bark ointment, cinnamon bark tincture, cinnamon bark extract, cinnamon bark extract, cinnamon bark essence and incense are produced.

A specialist should be consulted for therapeutic use.

Cinnamon bark, which is dried under suitable conditions, has a lifespan of 2 years when stored in a closed glass jar in a dim, cool, and dry environment.

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