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Chondrus crispus'

Chondrus crispus'

As the name suggests, the sea buckthorn plant, which grows in the sea, is a kind of red algae. This plant, whose Latin name is 'Chondrus Crispus, is especially common in the Atlantean Ocean, Europe and the Atlantic coasts of North America. Unfortunately, it does not grow in the seas of our country.

The greenish-red sea buckthorn collected from the coast with the retreat of the sea in the regions where they are grown are dried in the sun after being washed and cleaned. The seaweed in narrow strips, which turns yellowish-white after drying, is still salty and has a sea-smelling odour. When it is fresh or boiled by adding water, it becomes gel-like and has the ability to hold up to 100 times its weight in water.

From the sea buckthorn plant; seaweed tea and sea buckthorn cream are produced.

If stored in a cool, dry and light-free environment, the life of the dried seaweed is 1 year.
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