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Organic Grape Molasses 430g + Tahin 330g (MOLASSES-TAHİN)

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Arifoğlu Organic Grape Molasses 430 g
Black Grape (Vitis) is the fruit of the vine, which is eaten fresh or dry and is in cluster form. These molasses grains are obtained from black-colored, short oval-shaped, multi-seeded types.

Ingredients: Organic Grape Molasses

Sweet liquid grape molasses

It is produced by condensing grape must be obtained by the cold pressing method in a vacuum system.

It contains 68% dry matter.

Contains Natural Sugar.

The recommended last consumption date and batch number are written on the package.

Store in a cool, dry place. Please keep it in a cool and dry place

Arifoglu Tahini:

Does Not Contain Additives.

 Sesame Paste is made of peeled sesame seeds by crushing them in grinders and obtaining a liquid cream-like consistency. The product contains protein and is a high souce of dietary fiber. Floating oil on sesame paste occurs as a natural reaction and does not mean that the product is spolied. In this case, keep in warm water at 60°C with its package and the oil inside it for 10 minutes and use it upon mixing with a blender or spoon. 


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