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Ficaria verna (pilewort) 60g

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Ficaria Verna whose Latin name is Ranunculus ficaria', is from the buttercup family. Its homeland is the Mediterranean. It grows widely in North, West, and South Anatolia in our country. It is known for its bright yellow flowers. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with heart-shaped leaves and a fleshy root.
It is also known by the names Ranunculus, Spring flower, and Little celandine. Its flowers close in the evening and open during the day. The tips of the leaves are toothed and resemble oak leaves. An orange-yellow, dark liquid comes out of its stem and stems.

What Makes a Medicinal Plant Medicinal?
There are various active substances in some plants that have been proven to be medicinal by scientists. What makes the plant medicinal is the abundance and quality of these active substances.

Why Should I Buy My Medicinal Herb from Arifoğlu?
Every Medicinal Herb you buy from Arifoğlu is grown in the best quality soils and cleanest geographies of our country and the World. Special active ingredient analyzes are carried out for each plant collected, and products with low active ingredients and poor quality are sorted out thanks to these analyses. After these processes, the plants suitable for sale are sterilized and presented to our valued customers.

To inform:
In accordance with the relevant laws and regulations, no promotion is made regarding herbal supplement products by specifying the name of the disease or indication. Our products are not drugs; It is a herbal supplement.
The set, discounted and campaign sales prices that we apply from time to time are not valid in our stores.
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